Call for Submissions

    If you're sending a story about Tony Rice, Thank You Very Much. I look forward to reading it.
    Please Attach Your Story as a File.

    It would be helpful to me if your story included a Story Title.
    And helpful if your story let's us know the Place & Date it happened.

    You can attach your piece as a pdf, docx, pages or rtf file.
    At the top of your attachment, please include
    Title, Full Name, Phone Number, and Email Address.
    This makes it A LOT easier to get back to you if I want to use your story in the book.

    First fill out your full name, and email address, below.
    For Subject, please use "Discovering Tony Rice" followed by the submission's title and the author's name. For instance:
    *Subject: Discovering Tony Rice - I Remember Tony by Joe Doakes
    And make sure you "Choose File" at the bottom of the fill-in form,
    before you click on "Submit".
    I'm looking forward to reading your Tony Rice Story.

    * indicates data is required

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