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Call for Submissions - Blog #2

Now I get why all the magazines say “READ OUR GUIDELINES” before you submit to us.
Yeah, not all guys are reading the specs of this Call for Men’s Stories.
Here's some advice for all your writing submissions:
Don’t ask the editor for a critique. Don’t hound the editor.
Don’t resend a piece because you’ve edited it and it’s better now.

Call for Submissions: the first 45 days

A look at the first 45 days of my Call For Submissions for men's writing

Rakkasah West 2014

The world's largest belly dance festival, in Richmond, California.

Pete's Peace

Pete Seeger worked and sang tirelessly for peace. This is a story about his belief in peace between all, even between harsh political adversaries.


Remembering Pete Seeger - from the chapter, "Pete," in Acoustic Stories

Smoke Dawson at Caffe Lena

Fiddler Smoke Dawson hears from his guide at Caffe Lena

On Songwriting

This is an interview that Rick Jamison conducted with me at his site, where he has interviewed many well-known tunesmiths who have spilled their secrets to him.

Keeping Faith

A Tribute to Faith Petric, Bay Area Folk Music Legend

International Society of Bassists 2013 Convention

The 2013 ISB convention saw string basses everywhere – being played, schlepped, lying on their sides in bags, and standing in trunks talking quietly with each other. It was a treat to see hundreds of these mighty instruments in one place.

A filial feeling – the brother- and sister-hood of the bass – was in the air. You’d take a seat at a workshop, someone would sit down next to you, you’d smile, introduce yourselves, and start talking.

A question I’d ask in these circumstances was, “What style of bass do you play?”

March 5, 2011 - Roland White and "Y'all Come"

Mandolinist Roland White asked my string bass and I on board for a local, Northern California tour that he set up for this past week. He had Laurie Lewis on fiddle, Keith Little on guitar, and Patrick Sauber on 5‑string. On Tuesday March 1, we played the Occidental Arts Center, and on Wednesday, Berkeley's Freight & Salvage. Then, with Mike Wilhoyte replacing Keith, we played Friday at Bernie's Guitar in Redding, and Saturday in Sacramento for a house concert at Candy and Paul's.


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