Call for Submissions

Heart of a Man, a book anthology of men's writings showing men, will be published by Vineyards Press in 2019.

Our call for submissions elicited 500 from around the world. Fourteen of those will be in the anthology. Others whose works are currently slated to be included are John Updike, Philip Roth, Michael Chabon, Tim O'Brien, Julius Lester, and John Crawford.

But we need a few more male-unique stories (or poems, lyrics, or cartoons that tell stories) by good men about the good of men, experiences that could only have happened to a man. There are two prerequisites:
1. The writer/creator must be male.
2. The work must show who men are.

Many submitted stories happened to a man, but did not demonstrate who men are. So you might want to ask a woman friend to read your piece before you submit it, and ask her if she learned about men from reading it.

And many submissions were about experiences that could have happened to a man or a woman: the loss of a beloved sibling; depression; etc. We need stores that could by-and-large only have happened to a man.

Some ground rules:
Multiple submissions are not allowed. Send your one best men's story, or up to four poems, lyrics, or cartoons.
Simultaneous submissions are allowed: you may submit your story to as many publishers as you wish. 
Already-published works are allowed; just let us know that when you submit such a piece.

Send your work as a .doc, .docx, .rtf, or pages document attachment to an e-mail.
Make sure your name, address, phone number and e-mail address are at the top of your submission.

There is no reading or submission fee. A writer whose work makes it into the anthology will be paid 5 cents US per published word.

When your attachment is ready, click on this Submission Button to start your e-mail to us.
Please put the title and your name as the e-mail's Subject.

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We look forward to reading your submission.