Passions of a Man: the Call for Submissions ends

Nov 7, 2014 blog by Bill Amatneek at FullTitlePage
A recent draft of the Full Title Page, a 2-page spread featuring a Eugene Karlin ink drawing that will appear here and on book’s front cover

On July 1, 2014, I began a Call for Submissions for an anthology of men’s writings, works that will show women Who Men Are. I’m calling it, Passions of a Man: Men’s Stories for Women. On November 1, 2014, the Call officially ended. Some 400 submissions sailed through the e-transom, and I read every word. Some submissions were beautifully written and showed deep insight into guy-hood. Others had something to say about being a man, but need work in the saying. I have more than enough material now, I think. I should not have allowed multiple submissions. Some guys sent me everything they had ever written. One guy sent me an entire book that I read on our iPad mini. This first book I had ever read that way. Finally, towards the end, I found a delightful chapter, a sweet reward for a long journey. So in this case, allowing multiple submissions turned out well. Every guy sent me a story about a guy, written from a guy’s perspective. They all showed me who the guy was. But not all showed who men are.

The Next Phase It’s good to be past the Call for Submissions phase of this project. I’ve learned about men from these submissions and from the books by men that I’ve been reading. Men range from A to Z on all subjects & behaviors. But we are awed by woman, both her jaw-dropping sight and her feminine persona. A man’s fascination with woman figures in most of these works, even the most cerebral. The submissions fall into 18 categories, one of which “The Male Mind” is a catchall for stories that don’t fall into any of the 17 other categories, or that fall into a few categories. Some of these 64 stories are polished gems of light prose, insightful, humorous, engaging, … and others are nuggets of a darker stripe, not light or humorous at all. All reveal something about men, something that not all women may know. My wife says she has a better understanding of men having read the submissions, not always in big ways but often in subtle ways that gave her a fuller intimate understanding of the male psyche. That's what I'm after. I’m planning an 80,000-word print book that will be available in both hard- and soft-cover editions. An e-book will follow, maybe. At this moment, I have 120,000 words comprising 64 stories, of collection-worthy material. I call them the “In Stories ” (as compared to the “Out Stories.”) Some of the writers are renowned internationally, and some are unpublished. Now to the next phases: culling the best of the “In Stories;” contacting authors; finding a lawyer; drawing up a contract; sending out contracts; sending some stories back for editing; editing other stories myself; and designing, laying out and typesetting the book. Good to be here. All the articles on publishing an anthology say the same thing: Get A Partner, you'll need one. They're right.