A Talk w/ The Man

I finally arrived at a point I'd been building to for 8 months, which is, Calling the Lawyer.
  Found the right one, in L.A., and got and hour and a half's worth of advice from him, very good advice. We talked about what I needed in my contributor's contract, which he is drawing up now, and how to move forward with the contracts that have been put to me by the Big Five Publishers.
  The way ahead is clear now. Lots of work yet on this road, but it's in focus now.

Next up is a crowd-funding project for the book, probably thru Indiegogo. I've been reading Patty Lennon's The Crowdfunding Book, and will be following her advice. I own PassionsOfAMan.com, but now I must start the site, probably with WordPress, buy a theme as the basis for the site's design, sign up with a mail program such as Mail Chip, connect the two, make a video, figure out the Rewards levels, and get  this show on the road. Nothing to it.
  I need a young person in the neighborhood who really knows how to do this to materialize now and do the heavy lifting, please. Just puttin' it out there to The Universe.
  I've been in touch with everyone whose work is in the book except one, and I've been trying to find him for almost a year, and that is the guy who contributed "The Cake" to Paul Auster's anthology, I Thought My Father Was God,  and who wrote under the pen name of "G.B." But maybe I'm getting closer. I seem to be knocking at his literary agent's door in Manhattan.

I've contacted all the potential contributors to the book now, and all seem to be delighted to be on board, very supportive. Thanks, Guys!